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Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone5: What It Takes To Become A Best Camera Phone?

Everybody’s getting completely addicted to the cameras on their smartphones, causing phone makes to enter a huge megapixel war. While the battle raged on all of 2012 between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 in terms of camera power, 2013’s got a new gadget that promises to steal the show – the Xperia Z.

When we analyzed the camera power of the Xperia Z against that of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, we surely were amazed at what this 5-inch monster can do! For starters, it does have a higher resolution of 13 MP while the other two phones have 8MP cameras on board. But, it’s not just the higher megapixel count that makes the Xperia Z’s camera stand out.

What sets it apart is Sony’s special Exmos RS sensor that gives it a much more advanced sensor, capable of reproducing high quality images. Another interesting feature in the Xperia Z’s camera is its video HDR mode, which lets you record videos too in High Dynamic Range mode – a first definitely for phone cameras.

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The Xperia Z also has a Superior Auto mode, which users of Sony digital cameras would find familiar. Also included is the Sweep Panorama mode, which makes clicking panoramic images literally a breeze!

You can adjust many features of the camera, including the resolution, white balance, timer, ISO, flash, exposure and some others like HDR, smile shutter, and even focus mode. When you’ve got it in your hands, you can easily be forgiven for thinking of it as a digital camera and not just a phone camera.

We also love the album app in the Xperia Z, which organizes thumbnail previews of the images you’ve clicked very nicely. Organized by date, it lets you browse through your picture library so easily, finding images becomes so much faster on this device. You can also display the images on a globe, thanks to the geotag feature, which will then pin your images based on the locations they were clicked in.

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