The most impressive feature of Sony Xperia z is its water and dust resistant capability. The feature has astonished people around the world and it is so mind boggling that you may ignore other interesting feature of the device.  None other phones including the bestsellers of 2013 Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone5 have the capability of surviving in water and they never even thought about it until now.

In the halls of CES Sony showed the onlookers how the phone survived the dip of water. Sony set up simple experiment where the phone was half dipped in water and as shock the IP57 certified Sony Xperia Z came out of water damage free. Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 would have thought twice before taking a dive in water but this beauty from Sony rose out beautifully from water.

So may this year you would be able to talk on your phone while taking a shower or why leave your phone outside while taking a dip in pool.

So if you’re ready to see some splashing action, check out the video below!