If you want to have your hands on Sony Xperia Z in UK then in no time you can pre-order the phone for ($837 USD). The phone would be available in black, white or purple. You may get the delivery of the phone by 28th February .

The mobile operator is asking for £449 ($710 USD) to pre-order the Sony Xperia Z for a PAYG plan. The plan will add an extra £10 ($16 USD) or £15 ($24 USD) per month.

If you’re looking to get tied up with a two-year deal, Three will take a down payment of £69 ($109 USD) and monthly payments starting at £34 ($54 USD) for unlimited data, 500 minutes of calls and 5,000 texts.  What amazes is that Blackberry 10 would be available for $200 for a 2 year plan.

Raise the monthly charge to £36 ($57 USD) and get bumped to 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes and 2,000 minutes of calls.

Source: Three