Saturday, June 10, 2023

Sony Xperia Z Vs HTC One Or Should We Wait and See What Samsung Galaxy S4 Has In Store

This one’s exclusively for the hardcore tech enthusiast who doesn’t mind splurging on his or her gadgets. Sure, 2013 started with a bang if we talk about the world of smartphones – first was the dust and water resistant Sony Xperia Z unveiled at CES, then came the HTC One with a mind-boggling resolution of 468 ppi.

Both these phones boast really fine specs, undoubtedly, and if you’re among the impatient kinds, we’d suggest you to go ahead and choose between them. But if you can hold on a little longer, it may be worth your while to see what Samsung brings forth in the Galaxy S4 a couple of weeks from now.

While we’ve still not received any official word from Samsung yet on the phone’s features and specs, we think it will definitely be worth checking out. Well, firstly because it has the Samsung tag – the company that makes the most number of smartphones in the world. Secondly, because Samsung managed to make an immensely successful Galaxy S3 which went on to become the most popular smartphone in 2012.

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To maintain its position as the leader in this competitive market, we bet Samsung will do all that it can, and more, to ensure that the Galaxy S4 is as successful as its predecessor. Sure, in terms of specs, it will be comparable with the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One. But there will be a marked difference in the Samsung flagship for sure – after all, it’s these little differences that make Samsung’s products stand out anyway.

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