Sony is well-known for launching the new laptop models in different series and each of its devices are loaded with exclusive features that ooze panache from every angle. Following the pace of its already established series, Sony has introduced the two new laptop models: Sony Vaio Pro 13 and Sony Vaio Due 13.

The patrons of Sony Vaio series are extremely elated with the launch of two fully loaded computing machines. For those who are seeking a good laptop but fail to decide on the correct model as per their need, we are providing a comprehensive review of both the machines.

Here is Sony Vaio Pro 13 vs Sony Vaio Duo 13:


Unclutteredand sleek designing is the highlight of the Sony Vaio Pro 13, but what makes it impressive? Yes, it’s the extra-light chassis of the machine that is made of carbon-fiber. As per the experts, this 13” Ultrabook is the lightest among all the other similar laptop machines. On the other hand Sony Vaio Duo with 13.3” of screen is also fitted inside the carbon-fiber silver chassis like its Pro counterpart, but the Sony Vaio Pro 13 is extremely fragile and doesn’t seem to handle the elevated pressure.

Keypad and Screen

Both the Sony Vaio models in talk here have Chiclet-style keys, but Sony Vaio Pro 13 has the tactile and bouncy keys as compared to the cramped and flatter keys of Sony Vaio Due 13. Moreover, the keypad in Sony Du 13 is quite small, but it is fairly good if the typing is necessary.

As per the touch screen of Vaio Due 13 is concerned, it is quite comfortable with precise and smooth zooming, pinching, swiping and gesturing functions. On the contrary, the touchpad of Vaio Pro13 is responsive but extremely sensitive while using the pich-zoom function, else it works effectively with gesturing and scrolling with fingers. 

Additional features

Vaio Pro 13 manages just 17.8 fps at settings with High quality of 720p resolution whereas the Duo 13 manages the good 26fps with same resolution. Furthermore, both the machines are powered by 4th generation Intel core processor where Pro is i7-4500U at 1.8 Ghz and Duo 13 is i5-4200u at 1.6 Ghz.

As per this review, you may be able to take a wise decision to buy the best laptop for your use. However, more information can be gathered by the official website of the Sony.