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Hail Windows 8: Sony Uncovers Stylish Vaio Ultrabooks

Sony launches Vaio Windows 8 ultrabooksJust few days prior to the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8, many tech companies have lined up their systems for release, made with the former’s forthcoming operating system. The latest to join the league is Sony, which has uncovered a range of stylish ultrabooks, all with its signature Vaio logo.

With all devices being stylish and innovative, let’s take an individual look at the specifications of Sony’s latest offerings.

To start, the top-most model, the Vaio Duo 11 Ultrabook is made with innovative hybrid form-factor, with all updated specs and touch-enabled displays. With this ultrabook, Sony hopes to give users a flawless and smooth experience.

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With a slim and slender look, next-in-line, the new T Series ultrabooks are made slightly thicker as compared to their predecessors. Both, the T13 and T14 have an ultra-smooth brushed aluminum silver finish, which offers them a stylish look. The T13 sports a touch-enabled, flush-mounted flat display. The first 14-inch addition to Sony’s T series, T14 is made with no touch screen. The port connectivity options, built-in Blu-ray player and DVD-burner combo are included in both T14 as well as T13. The T14 will come with a price range of about $669.99, whereas the T13 with touch will cost over $799.99.

Coming to the next, the new E Series laptops are again stylish in looks. The E14P in this series feature a touch screen, whereas the E17 is a casual gamer-friendly 17-inch device, made with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. The E Series will come in 11-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch variants. The latter two will feature backlit keyboards as well as Intel Core processors and discrete AMD Radeon graphics. The non-touch E Series 11, 14, and 15 will start at approximately $449.99. The cost of 17-inch model will start at $729.99. The E14P, meanwhile, will cost approximately $689.99.

Next in line are the new Vaio S Series laptops, which are not made with touch-enabled displays. Laptops on this series are made of a mixture of materials ranging from magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The S Series laptops will come in a standard and premium 13.3-inch size and 15.5-inch model, with the former available in a new Burgundy Red color.

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The price range of S Series 13-inch will start at $799.99, and its Premium counterpart will start at $1,199.99. The S Series 15-inch, on the other hand, will cost about $849.99.

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