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Sony In Trouble Again As PlayStation Network Hacked

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It seems that the days of trouble for Sony Network are not likely to end soon. This time around, the PlayStation Network services have been hacked and have gone offline. Though the hacking episode lasted only Sunday, gamers had a tough time as they were greeted with the message of ‘Page Not Found’.

Sony in trouble again as PlayStation Network hacked
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To make matters worse, the gamers were also not able to play games online on the PlayStation Network. Sony however chose to react cautiously to the problem and said that the root cause of the problem was being looked into.

The responsibility for the latest hacking episode was taken by member of a group which claims to be known as Lizard Squad. It is a matter of investigation though to see if the hacking has been done by an individual or a group.

Sony had celebrated the 20th birthday of its PlayStation Network during the last week. Interestingly, a Sony Unit by the name of Sony Pictures was hacked last month only. Internal files were stolen during this attack and personal information of customers including their passwords; Social Security Numbers of employees of Sony were stolen during this hacking episode.

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With increasing episodes of hacking occurring with impunity, the credibility of Sony is at stake and the company needs to take remedial measures to undo the damage.


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