Sony RX1-R Review :Proof Sony Can Make A Killing Against Canon and Nikon

With the RX1 series Sony seems to be busy trying to prove to the world that is can make quality cameras as well as Nikon and Canon – since the market for the camera will be really small due to its high price at 180,000 INR. And yet it is a great camera, it has a spectacular 35mm sensor, which is truly large for its size.

The RX1-R is an adaption of the RX1. It is very small and light and like Nikon with the D800 E has been attempting recently, doesn’t support anti-aliasing. Thanks to that massive 35mm sensor in front, it can take very highly detailed photographs – this makes its great for nature and landscape photographers rather than portrait and architecture photographers.

A major short coming of having such a massive sensor is that the power drains away really quickly and Sony doesn’t provide extra batteries with the RX1-R. The RX1-R certainly proves that Sony has made huge advances in innovation for cameras. It is a great camera albeit very costly for how little it provides – but great innovation does have its price!