Sony PlayStation 5 Reveal Suggest These 5 Things

Sony PlayStation 5

Gaming community had long been eager to know all about the Sony PlayStation 5.  The Sony PlayStation 5 reveal has definitely some relief to the expectant players. While it had unveiled the first look of the PS5 console at its premiere title launch event, much was still left to the speculations. It’s much talked about hardware design had a divided response. Some felt it had an amazing futuristic look. Others conceded it for looking like just a massive Wi-Fi router.

5 Major Takeaways From The Sony PS5 Reveal

Faster SSD

The PlayStation 5 SSD is likely to enable fast-travel in games and reduce load speeds. The HDD in PS4 loaded data at a speed of around 50-100 MBs per second. Notably, the PS5 SSD would allow players to load data of up to 2 gigabytes in 0.27 seconds on the PlayStation 5. Moreover, there will also be a significant increase in power that will further help to improve loading screens and will support the streaming content.

Advanced Audio Features

PlayStation fans are also excited about the series of advanced audio features that Sony has promised for in the PS5. It will support hundreds of advanced sound sources and attempts to enable a sense of locality and presence. Moreover, it uses 3D audio to increase immersion and realism.

Tonnes of PS5 Exclusives

One of the most notable features of PlayStation 5 is definitely its large bunch of PS5 exclusives. The number of console exclusives on Sony PlayStations considerably outnumbers those offered on the Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. The PS5 exclusives include several exciting titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Redefining Videogame Graphics with Ray Tracing

Gaming industry has long been into a battle for better graphics. Many studios and console manufacturers have continued to innovate with graphics to stay ahead in the game and also to make up for the lagging narratives and game mechanics at times. One of the latest breakthroughs in the space of graphics has been the ray tracing technology. Ray Tracing simulates how light interacts with objects and enables reflections and other lighting effects to be rendered realistically. For a long time, the graphics’ ray tracing technologies have been exclusive to high-end PCs. However, Sony has announced that it will implement ray tracing in their games.

Reviving the Pack-in Games

Gaming Console manufacturers have long used the strategy to include pack in games to encourage users to buy their consoles.  The PlayStation 5 reveal trailer also featured a trailer for Astro’s Playroom. The game is a fun follow-up to Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Many have speculated that the Astro’s Playroom will be pre-loaded into the PS5 consoles. It won’t require users to insert a disc or download the game.



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