Yes, that is correct! Till now Sony’s PlayStation 4 has won most votes about which console gamers would buy, but Microsoft is fighting back big time for the Xbox One!

The Xbox One has been unpopular mostly due to some odd decisions by Microsoft. But since Microsoft has listened to the loads of feedback on these decisions and is actually responding to it in a way that is really delighting the online community, it seems like the Xbox One might just be taking the lead from the PlayStation 4. Microsoft will now allow individuals to develop games for the soon to come console and also let people use the console without having to use the Kinect camera system.

A major up for the Xbox One is that it people who buy it get a free digital copy of FIFA 14. And Xbox One also has a great collection of exclusive games like Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Forza 5, Project Spark, Quantum Break and the cult favourite Halo 5; with promise of more to come. PlayStation 4 also has loads of exclusive game like Killzone: Shadowfall, The Order: 1886, Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son and Knack. It has some great exclusives like the special GTA V bundle and loads of extra content for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.