It has been four days since the hacking attack on the Sony Corp’s Play Station Network took place. The services were in shambles and it was only on Sunday that the company sources admitted to things getting back on track.

Sony hopes to bring PlayStation online tomorrow
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Lizard Squad, the hacking group had claimed responsibility for the disruption to the Sony Play station and Xbox Live on the eve of the Christmas.  However, gamers pointed on Twitter that they were able to access PlayStation Network on Sunday, though it was not clear as to how many of the 56 million gamers suffered owing to this outrage. Sony however hopes to bring its PlayStation service online completely by Monday morning.

Security breaches are an order of the day at Sony and the company has had to suffer from numerous such issues in the recent past too. It was in November that hackers were able to infringe into Sony Pictures leading to postponement of the movie “The Interview”. Interestingly, Lizard Squad had at that time too claimed the responsibility for this hacking incident.

The latest issue involving Sony Corp’s Play Station Network is a key security challenge for experts at Sony. However, with experts being able to restore the services, fans were spared of a major disappointment, this time around.