Adventure survival horror video game “Until Dawn” has seen a worldwide release. However, users of the game who had pre-ordered the game faced issues downloading the same on the PS4. Sony is reportedly working on issues.Those who ordered the phone before its release are able to download the game. However, the game doesn’t start and gives an error report that says, “128 days until available”.

“Until Dawn” download issues

According to reports, a large number of angry posts started to pour in from thePlayers not happy with Sony PS4 as “Until Dawn” faces downloading issues disappointed players across public forums.

However, Sony came into action fixed the problem. They have restored the licenses to continue providing a hassle-free gaming experience.

While Sony is all set to promote a completely digital platform for its games, the download issue users faced with ‘Until Dawn’ has affected players’ confidence and it seems that the company has a long way to go before it can actually turn to an all-digital mode.

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Archiving feature disabled

Apart from the issues faced on downloading, it has also been reported that players cannot get the game on Twitch as the archiving feature has not been enabled by the makers. However, reports suggest that they are planning to get it done soon. Though there is no confirmed report on the reason behind disabling archiving, experts suggest could be an attempt to check spoilers.