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Sonos VS Bose Soundbars: What’s The Better Pick?

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Looking for a great audio voice for your next home party? Probably just like the most of us, you too are caught up between the top two. Sonos and Bose both offer great soundbars.  But, you only want to buy the best one for your home. A good soundbar can put new life to a dying party.

So we have done a quick comparison for Bose and Sonos soundbars to help you with your buying decision. Moreover, in the battle for the best, it just makes sense to go ahead with the probable best from both sides, Sonos Playbar and Bose SoundTouch 700.

Sonos Playbar VS Bose Soundtouch 700

Beginning with their designs, Sonos Playbar comes in a comparatively taller design but in almost the similar shape as compared to the Bose SoundTouch 700. However, both sport a minimalistic design and a sleek look.

Bose SoundTouch 700 goes in for a complete black look while Sonos Playbar mixes the black with some silver too.  Sonos Playbar features a few buttons including the volume as well as play/pause button on the left side.

As only the Bose soundbar comes with its own remote between the two, you will need to configure your TV set’s remote with the Sonos Playbar to control it. However, moving on to the most important aspect of this tech comparison, both actually offer similar sound quality.


What’s slightly disappointing for most bass lovers, you would need an additional subwoofer for  that extra loud volumes for both these sound bars. But, if you are looking for better sound clarity at  both mid-range and high-end,  both offer equal great output at high-end.

But, as per the Forbes comparison between the two, Bose SoundTouch 700 is a little better at emulating a surround sound experience than the Sonos Playbar. However, on the overall, it is hard to pick a clear winner here, both Sonos Playbar and Bose SoundTouch 700 come equipped with built-in Alexa support and will rock equally well with your existing TV speakers.


So, in the end, it really is a matter of those little subtle differences and what you prioritise when it comes to your soundbar. Also, share your thoughts on Sonos Playbar vs Bose SoundTouch 700 in the comments below.

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