We all are curious to know if someone seems to have deleted or unfriended us one Facebook. Now, there is an app which will notify the users if someone deletes them from their Facebook account. The app is known as “Who deleted me on Facebook” and helps the users in keeping a track on the list of their friends on Facebook.

Someone ‘unfriend’ you from FB account? We all have faced this situation

None of us can deny the fact that we all have gone through this situation at least once. There have been many instances when many of us have started looking for someone in our Facebook friends list and found that they no longer exists. When this scenario arises, a number of questions keep coming to our minds. Most of us think that they must have deleted their Facebook account and came back again. Well, sometimes it happens and sometimes you friends might have deleted you from their friend list deliberately.    

The app has answers to all your questions

According to Techradar.com, this app has gained a lot of popularity amidst Facebook users. At this point of time, this app is only available for iOS users and provides a service which even Facebook doesn’t offer. The apps works in the similar manner as “Who unfollowed me” works for twitter. The apps tells you whether you friends have deleted their Facebook accounts or have deleted you from their friend list putting a full stop on all guessing games!

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