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Audi’s Laser Headlamps, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros Trio, Valve’s SteamOS Platform: Who Won The Headlines At CES 2014?

Audi Laserlight headlampsWell, the CES 2014 is over and we saw some truly spectacular launches. We saw the latest wearables, amazing concept cars, intelligent gadgets and more! Check out the best of CES 2014 at Las Vegas:

  1. Audi’s Laser Headlamps

The German auto manufacturer displayed an impressive concept vehicle with aerodynamic headlamps. Using laser high beams and LED low beams, this one was a stunner.

  1. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab

Michael Bay released the excitingly new Samsung 10.5 inch curved 4K TV which became the talk of the day. It was more of a highlight in comparison to Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros trio.

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  1. Valve’s SteamOS Platform

Valve unveiled the 13 hardware partners Steam Machine with interesting configurations and designs. It will be amazing to see how developers feel about Valve’s SteamOS and make it an interesting platform for their games.

  1. PlayStation Now!!

Sony bought Gaikai before unveiling PS4 and was silent about streaming service of video games. The brand waited for CES to bring PlayStation Now in the limelight. It will allow gamers to stream PS3 titles to PS4 and even Sony Bravia TV without any consoles.

  1. Razer’s new Assignment Christine is Big

The new concept of Razor of designing 100%modular gaming PC is not complete as it stole little bit from Valve’s Steam Machines legion.

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  1. Oculus Rift goes Better with Time

The Oculus Rift improvises by leaps each time we come across a new version. This time it is the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove with a more immersive experience as the full movement of the upper body of the wearer can be detected.

  1. Steam Controller set in overdrive

We checked out the Valve’s Steam Controller at CES. It was amazingly light, excitingly creative and insanely precise. Though the controller cannot match keyboard or mouse but it will great for gamepad.

  1. Smartwatches and bands release

The smart wearables are out for a while now and CES 2014 has taken it by storm. Right from Sony Core to LG Lifeband Touch and RazerNabu, there are amazing options to select from.

  1. T-Mobile Offer to Pay ETF for New Users

This was a big one! In a bid to outgrow competitors, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has offered to pay early termination fee for users who switch from other carriers.

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