Apple App Store approves thousands of apps daily. There are some apps that make way to be the best and you just don’t want to do without! Here are three top apps that you might enjoy on your iPhone device. Take a look:


Easiest and fasted way to find films, Flicklist by Crowd Play is a free app, which you can use to find films similar to your taste! Moreover, you can also organize a list of your fav films and share it with people.






Use this free app to make your tweets, updates look great. Try it to dazzup your pics with fun, cool, and stylish captions.








A timetable and homework task manager, instaTable can be installed for a minimal price of $0.99. Get it to enter your schedule and rearrange it just as you want! Along with multiple color choices, this app also has Quick Edit mode for you to make small changes to the timetable easily and quickly.