In the past few years, celebrity death hoax have become much common in the cyber space. The latest stars to have fallen a victim of this phenomenon are Rowan Atkinson and  Paul Walker.

Popularly known as ‘Mr. Bean’, Atkinson was proclaimed dead by various social media platforms in the previous week. His death rumors garnered mileage when a page called as RIP Rowan Atkinson surfaced on some popular social networking sites and also got 1 million plus likes. Atkinson became a helpless victim of a false celebrity death news not the first time but second. His fans from across the world expressed their disgust and anger on gossip mongers spreading such baseless and fake news and many even claimed that spreading fake death rumors is certainly not funny.

Another popular Hollywood actor who fell to the celebrity death hoax prank last Friday was Paul Walker, the Brian O’Connor from iconic ‘Fast and Furious’ Series. Walker’s death rumors surfaced on different social media sites when a page title RIP Paul Walker garnered one million likes.

Hours before his tragic death in a car crash in Los Angeles, his publicist released an official statement in which he said that Walker is yet another addition to the list of celebrities who seem to be victimized by death hoax pranks. His representative added that he much alive and healthy.

Only a few hours after this statement was released, the world woke up to the extremely sad news of the death of Paul Walker, and this was real. The Porsche in which he was traveling, hit a tree and went up in flames in Los Angeles. Paul Walker was in the town to attend a fundraiser event for the cause of the victims of Haiyan typhoon.

Paul Walker’s sudden demise came as a rude shock to one and all.