Sure we have heard a lot of grumbling about the Apple’s new Maps app, and we know lot of iPhone users won’t sit idle until Apple comes up with a fixed Maps app solution.

Therefore, for those looking out for better navigation choices on their iPhone devices, take a look at other alternatives available out there, which the best of all- are free of cost via mobile safari browser.

Nokia Maps

There’s no confusion that Nokia’s web app could be a great solution for those using iOS 6. Nokia maps app surely stays the winner with the highest score for offering total navigation services. The app is precise, quick, and easy-to-use and will assure you don’t lose your way.

Offering readings with support from layers, traffic, public transportation, and directions, Nokia web Map app also shows points of interest such as restaurants and coffee shops. Along with this, Nokia Maps also carry Map view, satellite view, a public transportation view, and live traffic views.

Visit on your iPhone to get started with Nokia Maps app.

Google Maps

Google Maps on the Web also makes a good choice to reach from point-to-point with an expanded coverage. Giving users best map views on earth, this app comes loaded with features such as driving, transit, biking, and walking directions. Layers in Google Maps on the web include satellite, traffic, and bicycling. However, the response time of Google Maps on the web could be a little slow as compared to the native app that Apple replaced.

Visit on your iPhone from Safari browser to get started.


Bing Maps

A great mapping application, Bing Maps by Microsoft offers you a great way to explore places around. Map layers include directions and show traffic in three different styles such as road, aerial, and bird’s eye. Bing Maps app on the web is easy-to-follow and offers precise details with quick response.

Log on to from your iPhone to get started.


Take a look at these Maps app, they are all handy and impressive in a way or the other.