Latest buzz reveals that Microsoft Lumia 940 may come with a jaw-dropping camera and a strong processor. With a aim to hit the bull, Microsoft is rumored to be working on its flagship offering with full focus.Samsung Galaxy S6

The camera will be of the PureView breed and no less than 24 megapixels. Shooting 4K videos will be a breeze with a frame rate of 60 per second. The makers are hinting at a decent 5MP front shutter too.

The Lumia 940 will see a powerful 3 GB RAM besides boasting a gorgeous 1080p resolution display in 5.2 inches. Did we just forget to remind you that all this could be iced up with Gorilla Glass 4 protective screen? Expect speedy functionality with 2.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 on the upcoming Lumia 940.

Moreover, sources also reveal a follow-up model to the Lumia 940–the Lumia 940 XL that will come with a gigantic 5.7 inch screen size. As of now, rumor mills also hint at several other specs:

  • Support for pen stylus
  • Iris scanner
  • Dual-sim support

Stay tuned for more updates.