Over the weekend, Snapchat decided to make a move that was meant to make conversations about mental health more mainstream. Snapchat’s new features are aimed at improving mental well-being. 

For this, Snapchat has partnered with Headspace to include meditation sessions in addition to providing help to users who are at the risk of self-harm. Not only this, Snap ‘original shows’ focusing on positivity and life wisdom are also being aired. A show by famous actor and producer Kevin Hart is one of the major Snap originals to be aired on the app. 

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The new mind positivity features are aimed at creating a circle of trust and open communication in which people can feel safe to talk about their mental health. According to the VP of product at Snap, Jacob Andreou, communication can become more productive if the people involved trust the services.

He further added that Snapchat is not focusing on the number of users but the quality of relationship a user has with all the people who are close with him. If a user gets comfortable with her best friend on the app, it can aid in speaking up about the mental issues which are generally not given their due consideration. 

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One of the most interesting features that have been added recently is their in-app reporting feature. No, it is not your usual in-app reporting about the app bugs. It is for alerting a user if any of their friends can potentially harm themselves. This feature can sure help in saving some lives.

Snapchat will also send alerts to a user to update his friends list in case they are interacting with only some real friends on a more regular basis. 

These are the Snapchat’s new features that will bring more mental peace to users. What are your thoughts on this?!

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