Spring festivals in 2020 are getting an online twist as majority of world population is struck in their homes. Owing to the current pandemic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, people cannot go out for the usual festivities. However, thanks to the digital age, people can turn to social media to connect with their friends and family and have some online celebrations.

As the much-awaited harvest festivals are already here, Snapchat has also decided to roll out new lenses to mark the occasion. The leading social media platform is featuring dedicated AR lenses for the regional harvest festivals starting from today.

Region based festive lenses for Vaisakhi Season

The popular social media platform has listed various spring festivals celebrated in different parts of India. For instance, Vaisakhi is a popular festival in Punjab and other Northern and Western regions of India. Moreover, people in Odisha celebrate Pana Sankranti while people in Kerala celebrate Vishu on the same day.

Furthermore, the next day marks Puthandu, first day of the traditional Tamil calendar and Rongali Bihu in Assam. Notably, harvest festival in the East is celebrated for seven days with each day having a different significance. Additionally, some other states including Tripura and West Bengal observe ‘Pahela Baishakh’ to celebrate their spring harvest.

Snapchat’s dedicated lenses for the harvest festivals would be available for the users based on their regions. You can find these festive lenses for Vaisakhi, Bihu,etc. with other lenses at the bottom in the app.

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The dedicated lenses will feature greeting for the respective festivals celebrated in your region such as “Happy Vaisakhi” in Punjab, “Happy Pana Sankranti” in Odisha, and “Happy Rongali Bihu” in Assam. Moreover, the lenses will also feature filter effects along with the greeting message. Try out these festive lenses now and share them with their family and friends along to join online celebrations as you rightly practice social distancing.