Smartphones Worth Waiting For In 2018

The technology associated with gizmos and gadgets is changing at an increasingly fast pace. The moment you make a decision to buy a particular phone, a newer variant of the same is released in the market. If you are willing to upgrade your smartphones and the devices launched in 2017 did not live up to your expectations, have a look at the following ones that are slated to release this year.

smartphones in 2018

  • iPhone XI – When the iPhone X was launched unexpectedly in 2017, the whole world went gaga over it. Be it, the edge to edge screen, face recognition feature or the new naming convention, the device left loyalists in a state of excitement. Apple plans to launch the Apple XI this year with a host of more powerful features apart from facial unlocking, which is expected to be a standard in all new phones from the brand. The iPhone 9 is also anticipated to be released in 2018, although, the date has not been finalized yet.
  • Pixel 3 – According to Techradar, Google might roll out its signature smartphone in albacore, crosshatch and blueline modes. The Pixel 2 has already climbed the charts worldwide and made way for the Pixel 3 as well as Pixel 3 XL. However, the specifications for these phones that might enter the market in October, 2018 cannot be predicted precisely right now.
  • Galaxy S9 – Samsung’s competitor to the Iphone is expected to be launched this year with feature such as a super fast camera, 3D face scanner and high end speed among others. This smartphone will hit the shelves much earlier than its contender form Apple and you can see expect to see it somewhere around February – March. A Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9 might also see the light of day sometime later this year. Samsung is making some big time efforts to make a comeback in the market with a bang, and therefore it will be interesting to see what it has in store for its customers.
  • One Plus 6 – If there is one smartphone that we are eagerly waiting for this year, it has to be the One Plus 6. The specifications of this phone have been kept under wraps and there is only one thing that can be anticipated and that is the Snapdragon 845 processor which might feature in the device. Buyers will have to be patient till June to get further updates from the brand about the One Plus 6.
  • Nokia 9 – The Finnish company is all set to introduce the Nokia 9 in early 2018. What we’ve heard from Techradar is that the latest smartphone is being prepared to give intense competition the likes of iPhone as well as Galaxy S models. It is exposing the smartphone to a number of tests in order to enhance its durability and thus, salability. The brand that has been known for building long lasting batteries, which will again be the highlight of the Nokia 9.

smartphones in 2018


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