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Smartphone Diseases- The New Danger Spread By Doctors In Hospitals

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A Tasmanian study has showed  that Smartphones used by doctors in hospitals could be the source of diseases. Let’s see how.

Danger from smartphones

With augment of technology, these smart devices have changed the networking and Smartphone Diseases- The new danger in Hospitals spread by doctorsoperations of working in hospitals because these devices are now largely taken into use for accessing laboratory results or ti know about the well-being of the patients who are admitted in the hospitals.

However, excess use of these devices can be a reason for putting the health of the patients at risk. The study, which was conducted, stated that nearly 50% of the Smartphones used in hospitals are having one species of bacteria, 40% had two variants and nearly 3% had three other categories of bacteria. Further stated in the report that one of the kind of bacteria known as “Pathogenic” known for spreading infections is found on the Smartphones that are being used by the doctors in the hospital.

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What experts say?

Dr. Chao has stated that even though these bacteria are mild, they are harmful enough to cause blood infection in patients suffering from compromised immune. According to Dr. Chao, the mobile devices that are used so frequently in the hospital premises should also be cleaned through a disinfectant similar to the way cloths and hands are cleaned. It has also been seen that only nearly 5% of medical professionals do it regularly. Even though there are protocols for sterilizing equipment used in hospitals, nothing such is followed for the Smartphones, hence the same should be developed for the betterment of the future.

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