The news that smartphone cameras can help detecting eye cancer that affects exclusively kids has set a buzz , leaving no doubt about the fact that advances in technology has made life much better.

The life of a 2-year old kid, Avery Fitzgerald was saved when her mother, Julie Fitzgerald identified some uncanny spots around the boy’s pupil in an image she snapped with a smartphone. According to the Verge the reports, children affected with aggressive eye cancer in most of the cases have a white glow surrounding their pupils when they look to the camera for a photograph. Yet, the snaps need to be taken with a flash mode on.

 Smartphone Cameras Helps In Detecting Eye Cancer In 2-Year OldThe doting mother, Fitzgerald, who took her son to the doctor after founding the spots around the pupil said that she is thankful to technology. Though the kid has lost his eye due to the disease, his life is saved.

The lady even suggested every parent to be careful about their kid’s eye health and consult a doctor if there is anything suspicious as retinoblastoma is curable if treated at the onstage. In the days, when the environmentalist are raising their voices to reduce the use of cellular phones for its adverse effect on nature, this news has really caused a stir.