Amid rumors regarding the launch of the new version of Amazon Kindle e-readers, Barnes and Noble on Monday decided to slash down the price of its Nook models- the Nook Tablet and the Nook Color.

The firm cut the prices of both its models that make the Nook Tablet a smart choice for those interested in a baseline tablet. The dropping down now costs the Nook Tablet $199 for a 16GB model, which was formerly priced at $249. While the 8GB tablet drops to $179, offering a whooping cut of $50!

This cut did yield the result as a long queue was reported outside stores selling the Nook models.

This unbeatable price has got the Nook models direct in line with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. To be precise, this move by Barnes and Noble has offered users more memory for each dollar than Amazon or Google with best-in-class digital reading and entertainment experience.

With an instant hit, the slash in prices of Nook models attracted customers looking for a smart, sleek, lightweight and low cost tablet.

Some analysts believe that this move by Barnes and Nobles has nothing to do with Google’s entry into the market, since the Nook line doesn’t offer nearly the same amount of tablet functionality that the Nexus 7 does.

Although as good as the scheme may sound, there are also some facts about the Nook tablet to be noted. The Nook Tablets do not have various goods and apps that its competitors offer in the lower-price range. Even though the Nook line has partnerships with Hulu and Netflix, the tablet includes nothing like Google’s Play store or Amazon’s general marketplace that offers users a chance to buy everything on the device.

Depending on what users look for, the Nook line does offer a lot of features. The screen doesn’t have quite the same glare as the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7 that makes it a better choice for long-term reading. However, its screen isn’t as good to watch videos.

However, Barnes and Noble has offered some hints about future innovations in e-textbook with its partner Microsoft. We can hope that the firm teams up with Microsoft and offers more devices or pull from its vast content ecosystem, which would surely make the Nook a smarter choice.

So, those looking for a selective e-reader to use for apps, some video and light browsing, it is worth going face-to-face with the friendly and newly-cheaper Nook.