The Hyundai Verna and Skoda Octavia are five-seater sedans doing brisk business in the Indian automobile market.

While the Skoda Octavia is powered by a 1395 cc powertrain, a powerful 1599 cc engine drives the Hyundai Verna. The Octavia’s engine delivers a peak power output of 140 PS at 4500-6000 rpm while the peak power output delivered by Verna is 103 PS at 5500 rpm.

While the Skoda Octavia features 16 inch alloy wheels, the Hyundai Verna runs on 14 inch steel wheels. The Hyundai Verna boasts of exciting features like leather upholstery, reverse camera, keyless ignition, climate control, integrated audio system with seamless Bluetooth connectivity as well as steering mounted audio controls. Missing rear seat AC vents in the Verna have disappointed some of its buyers.

On the other hand, the new Octavia from Skoda also offers a host of advanced features like a redesigned audio system, new display screen with touch capabilities. Automatic ignition system and doors, keyless entry, adaptive cruise control, dual zone air conditioners, panoramic sunroof, MP3/CD along with Infrared remote controller along with stunning wood finish and arresting leather upholstery. The new Octavia also has a parking assist feature that provides a  smooth and a memorable driving experience.