Skills Ed-Tech Companies Hiring Online Teachers

Skills Ed-Tech Companies Hiring Online Teachers

COVID has changed the way we functioned a few months ago. With the world moving digital and social distancing becoming the ‘New Normal’, companies are now using the online space to function. Furthermore, with the rise of edtech and online learning companies, the demand for trainers and online teachers has increased manifold. 

The post-pandemic adaptation to technology and learning has shown us that the purpose of a classroom is changing. Since donkey years, students have been taught through instruction and nor collaboration. But with classes moving online, collaborative and peer-to-peer learning has become the need of the hour. If you are a teacher and are still struggling to cope up with the online shift, then these skills will help you excel in online teaching and will also help you get a good job in a renowned edtech company.

Staying Well Versed With Technology

The last six months have shown us the need and our dependency on technology to thrive in the world. The problem is that teachers were not prepared to shift online and use technology to impart lessons. 

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With the shift, companies are hiring online teachers and trainers who are adept at making synchronous use of the latest technologies, including virtual and mixed reality, telepresence, as well as have a good grip on basic tools such as video, audio, images, and text to be able to initiate meaningful and educational classes. Thus, it has become imperative for educators to adapt to the changing needs of tech-based learning environments. Tools such as Canvas, MATHia are examples that are transforming learning in the digital age, and educators need to equip themselves with these to perform well in their online lectures.

Don’t Forget Soft Skills

 soft skills

Now that we have told you to focus on hard skills, soft skills also play a pivotal role in establishing a good student-teacher dynamic. Skills such as leadership, collaboration, communication, and cultural competence are even in digital education.

Good EIQ

Emotional Intelligence Quotient has garnered a lot of attention in the last decade. With the evolution of the education dynamics, it has become important for teachers to have a goof EIQ as it enables them to understand the student psyche, their knowledge retention patterns, their behaviour, etc.

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Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

One of the major outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the acceptance of technology to learn, earn, and yearn. Also, with the increased use of gamification, videos, and AI simulations, the current focus of trainers and online teachers must be on learner engagement and motivation. Thus, teachers and trainers need to up skill themselves in these areas to remain sustainable. The timely adaptation of innovation, technology, tools, and soft-skills by online trainers and teachers will set the difference between the best and the rest.