Research In Motion (RIM) is going through a tough phase and its latest rough fiscal financial release is also on the downside. Not only has RIM decided to axe 5000 jobs, but the bad news for Blackberry fanatics is that they will not to get to see the release of the much anticipated Blackberry 10 before 2013, if at all it releases.

It was last year in May after iOS, Android and Windows took the operating system to a new level that RIM announced the launch of Blackberry 10 in 2012. In the demo of its new OS, RIM showcased innovative swipe gestures and largely, the hardware that did not feature the physical keyboards. It was being touted that the innovative OS would put the RIM back in motion but the stocks of the company have fallen steeply since then.

According to latest reports, RIM’s stock went down by 14 percent in after-market trading to $7.89 per share, though the stock is closer to the $9 mark ahead of Friday’s market open.

The company’s ultra slow response to the threat posed by Android and Apple has led the Business analysts to believe that RIM’s Blackberry 10 may never see the light of the day.

Brian White of Topeka of Capital Markets told the Associated Press that with the company facing stiff competition Apple and those running Google’s Android operating system; firm believes that RIM’s delay of BlackBerry 10 may leave the company so vulnerable that the new platform may never appear.

Though chances are bleak that sinking ship of RIM would ever afloat, the CEO Thornsten Heins still maintained hat RIM would increase its focus on its strong enterprise base, which would bring back the confidence of consumers.

“We can’t do everything ourselves, but we can do what we’re good at,” Heins told the Washington Post.

At this point, we feel that RIM should focus on how to struggle and save its sinking ship. Let’s just hope RIM can put pieces back into its place and see a refined day.