Most iPhone users complain of short battery life, irrespective of whether the device is used excessively or not. Well, there are quite a few ways that would help in retaining the battery charged for longer should you want to try.

  1. Try to use your Apple iPhone within temperature range of 32°F to 95°C. Always remember that extreme temperatures, mainly heat, will drastically degrade the life of the battery.
  2. Keep the brightness of the device to a lower yet as per your comfortable level.
  3. When you are done using the phone for the time being, lock it manually. Also, set your iPhone to go to sleep if it remains inactive for one minute.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G services or any other applications that you are not using at any point of time.
  5. Deactivate “Push” if immediacy is not a concern since it devours battery charge as it requires checking servers constantly for incoming mails. It is better to configure “Fetch” as per your requirements.
  6. Power-cycle your iPhone battery atleast once a month. The process is to charge your phone to 100% and then using it until it turns off automatically due to lack of power. Thereafter, recharge again. This would move the electrons around thereby keeping the lithium-ion cell fit.
  7. Uninstall new apps to check power consumption since at times certain apps drain the power away.
  8. Resetting all iOS settings can also help without erasing your data, apps, photos or contacts.

Still have the problem? Visit an Apple store and get your device completely checked by an expert technician.

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