Google Pay is one of the leading payment apps in India and it is known for faster transactions, amazing cashbacks &discount coupons, as well as unique events. The ongoing Google Pay Go India event has been making many users go crazy with a chance to win several rewards and tickets. However, many users have started reporting “payment declined u16 error” in Google Pay. Let’s read on to know more about the u16 error Google Pay, and how to solve payment declined in Google Pay.

Payment Declined Google Pay

Many Google Pay users across India are facing the issue of Payment Declined try Another Bank Account Google Pay. Payment Declined Try Another Bank Issue Can occur at any time, sometimes even when the mobile device hasfull network. There can be several reasons for Payment Declined try Another Bank in Google Pay U16 like Server Errors and Payment Errors. The U16 error does not occur due to bad network or app glitches rather it occurs due to the recent limit on the number of transactions per day. This means that the app restricts users from exceeding the daily transaction limit through this error.

What is Payment Declined u16 Google Pay Error?

Google Pay 2

With the ongoing promotions, several Google Pay users have raised complaints about “Google Pay Payment Declined Try Another Bank”, but Payment Declined Try Another Bank in Google Pay U16 is the most common of all. The portal has set a daily limit for its users to transfer money. When a user exceeds the limit, s/he will face the Google Pay Payment Declined Error U16 issue. This Google Pay Payment Declined Error U16 error is also shown in case a user exceeds the attempts of entering the PIN.

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How to fix payment declined in Google Pay?

To fix payment declined By Bank Google Pay, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Payments Centre of Google Pay
  • In the Payments Centre, take action on all Errors or Requests
  • Ensure that your name, address, and all the payment information are up to date
  • Fix this payment declined try another bank account or call your bank Google Pay account
  • Check and authorize that your payment information is up to date
  • Confirm that the account that has been linked with Google Pay has sufficient balance

In case you still face the “Payment Declined by Bank Google Pay issue”, it is a good idea to call the bank to ensure that there is no problem with your account. Try to make a purchase with your account and see if the error is shown again or not.

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