Wondering “how to check Jio number and balance without my Jio app?” Forgotten your Jio number? Well, this may sound stupid but our dependency on our mobiles have made us quite forgetful as we have gotten away from remembering important numbers by heart.

As the largest telecom operator in the country, you can check Jio number without app. Usually, every Jio SIM packet comes with IMSI number along with other serial numbers for your information. However, since mobile numbers are randomly allotted, you will not find your Jio number on the SIM packet. So, when you want to check your Jio mobile number without app, use the following methods.

Jio Number Check Code 2021

If you have forgotten your Jio number, you can check your mobile number via USSD Code, SMS, without having to t call on Reliance Jio customer care.  All you have to do is dial the Jio Number Check USSD code and your Jio number will pop out.

check jio number without app 1
Jio number check code 2021  *1#

Follow these simple steps to know Jio number without app

  • Open your phone’s dialer app
  • Put in the Jio number Check Code 2021 given above
  • Tap on the ‘Call’ button

At this stage, the call will be disconnected automatically and your Jio number will be displayed on the screen. Its best to save this number in your mobile and even write it down in your phone diary for future use.

You can also check Jio number without app. This is also a pretty simple process. All you need to do is send a simple message. To do so,

  • Go to the messaging app
  • Create a new message
  • Type “MyPlan” in the message body
  • Send this message to 199. Remember to send thus message from the Jio SIM whose mobile number you have forgotten

Voila! You will instantly receive a message regarding your ongoing plan with your prepaid mentioned in it.

In case of further queries, you can also call Reliance customer care to check Jio number without app

  • Dial the Jio customer care number 198 from Jio SIM
  • Choose your preferred language of communication
  • Follow the instructions and press the appropriate number toconnect to the customer care executive
  • Request the customer care executive to tell your Jio number
  • Here, you will be asked to verify your details to make sure your number doesn’t land in the wrong hands
  • Once the verification is complete, the executive will provide you with your registered Jio number
check jio number without app 2

You can even call your one of your friend or family member from your Jio SIM and ask them to tell your mobile number. Although this is the simplest way, it will surely make you feel a little dumb and careless.

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How to Check Balance in Jio

To check how much balance you have left, you can either send an SMS or use Jio App

 To check balance via SMS:

  • Open the Message app on your smartphone
  • Create a new message “MY PLAN”in the content box
  • Send this message to 199 with your registered Jio number

You will receive a message displaying your Jio balance, validity, and data usage

You can also check Jio balance and validity on My Jio App

  • Open the MyJio app on your smartphone
  • Now, log in to you Jio account using OTP (One Time Password) snet on your Jio number
  • Select ‘My Account’ section in the app
  • Here, you can check all details related to your Jio plan, including high-speed data balance and validity

You can also change your plan after seeing new plans by tapping on ‘View Details’

Another way to check Jio balance is using the Jio USSD number code

  • For balance or talk time dial *333#
  • To check VAS balance dial *333*1*4*1#
  • To check Internet balance dial *333*1*3#
  • To check the balance validity dial *333#

You can also use the Jio website to check Jio balance without app

  • Open www.jio.com
  • Log in with registered number by entering the OTP
  • Click on ‘My Plans’ to see the current Jio plan

I hope you will now be able to check Jio number and balance without app. You can also browse through Jio FAQs page for further doubts and queries.

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