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Simple Guide for Facebook Date of Birth Change After Limit

The biggest social media network, Facebook is still a favourite amongst online users for its creative content, wider reach, and the privacy it offers to all its users. So much so, Facebook allows its users to manage all personal details, including phone number, birth date, etc. on profile. If you want know how to do Facebook date of birth change after limit, then we have the steps noted down for you.

Follow the simple steps in the Facebook Lite app or even on your desktop to do a Facebook date of birth change after limit.

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Facebook does not allow you to change the birthday on your Facebook profile until 14 days after the last change. You have to take these steps mentioned below.

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  • Open Facebook app and login with your Email ID/mobile number and password.
  •  Go to the profile section and click on ‘Edit Profile’
  •  Here, tap on the ‘Basic Info’. You will be able to locate it on the left side. It includes mobile number, date of birth and birth year, etc.
  •  To change the date of birth, click on the down arrow, and from there, set the exact date and month you’d want to display on your FB profile.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button to set new date of birth in your Facebook profile.

Sometimes you may have mistakenly saved a wrong date on the birthdate field on your FB profile and wondering how to change the date. Facebook takes the birthdate as sensitive information in case of account recovery.

facebook date of birth change after limit 2

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If you have exceeded your limit of changing the date of birth, then to change the birthday on Facebook after the limit,

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  • Open the Facebook account with the correct login credentials.
  • Now, go to the Facebook Help Link.
  • Here, select the year, month & date along with the reason for changing your birthday on your Facebook profile.

Don’t forget to check the date of birth this time as Facebook may ask you submit proof for this.

Simple, isn’t it! I hope this article will help you in Facebook date of birth change after limit. Let us know if you face any hiccups while changing birthday on Facebook. Our technical team will help you out.

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