Feeling annoyed from a disturbing tweet of your colleague? Need not any more. Twitter is reportedly coming up with a mute feature, applicable on its iOS and Android apps.twitter new look

The mute feature will serve multiple purposes. All the tweets and re tweets of the person whom you wish to ignore will be hidden from your timeline. Secondly, the person whose tweets you have hidden will not feel let down as they will never know that it is you, who has done it. This is indeed social innovation and Twitter has taken a lead among social media players with the likely introduction of this feature.

Twitter has recently come up with numerous changes in its platform and this one is sure to get appreciation from one and all. However, this is not the first time; Twitter has tried something of this kind. Twitter clients and apps like Tweetdeck and tweetbot allow users to set timed mutes which expire on their own in the designated time. This way you could easily enjoy your favourite movie or catch up the action in the football game without worrying about the nagging tweets which keep coming up every other minute.

With the launch of tweet button in its main application, Twitter has scored a point over other social media sites, as its Facebook like layout and timeline ads concept did not score much with users.

Keep watching this space for more as Twitter is likely to come up with this feature soon. Any updates will be posted here!

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