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Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 or Wait For S4?

When Apple is hitting the news for all good reasons, how could Samsung lag behind? Achieving the mark of two million pre-orders for iPhone 5, Apple has proved its success, yet again. And now Samsung says it’s my turn! A lot has been going on in the rumor mill regarding Samsung launching its next-generation smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February next year.

So will we see a new Galaxy S4 in 2013 or is it just a rumor to confuse consumers to wait for few months until they decide which smartphone to splurge on?

The news was reported in The Korea Times on Sunday, though the source of the news was unnamed. As per the report, the successor to Galaxy S III will hold a 5-inch display, slightly bigger than the latter’s 4.8-inch screen. It also said that S IV or name still unknown will hold some of the best features Samsung has offered so far. It will also boast all features of Galaxy S III, which reached the shelves in May this year. The S III has been a hit with around 20 million units sold so far.

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Samsung recently mocked at Apple in the former’s print ad comparing the features of iPhone 5 with Galaxy S III, proclaiming iPhone 5 to be no genius!

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