As the world goes gaga over Apple’s sixth next-gen smartphone iPhone 5, I simply look down at my iPhone 4S and wonder if it’s time for a switch!

Although the iPhone 5 is super-cool, it’s lighter, thinner, smarter, updated, bigger and most important for me- it’s the latest, the decision is quite tough. Well, to state it simply, iPhone 5 is leaps and bounds better than any phone Apple has ever launched.

Yes, just like many of you, I too agree that 4S is no slouch and has many features same as 5, but what about the screen size or the revamped Siri? Well, from the perspective of watching videos or playing ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Temple Run’, I don’t mind a bigger screen.

But is considering the screen size enough to break the old contract with 4S and shell extra bucks to bag the iPhone 5?

Let’s take a look at what Apple has played with in its latest iPhone 5. Then we can decide if it’s worth to get the upgrade….

We can start with the screen size, the focused and much obvious concern of many. Apple has added an extra inch to the screen size of its iPhone 5, which sports a larger 4-inch diagonal screen as compared to 4S, which has a 3.5-inch screen. This mean the latest Apple phone will support a fifth row of icons on every screen. And while the screen of iPhone 5 has got bigger, the phone has got lighter and thinner. For this iPhone 5 surely gets a (+). Made of sleek glass and aluminum, this phone is 7.8mm in thickness, has 12 percent less volume, is 18 percent thinner than 4S and weighs 112grams, which makes it 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S. Tempting, huh!

And then along with a larger display, iPhone 5 also has a larger Retina display, with 18 percent more pixels for 1136-by-640 resolution as compared to 4S. Imagine what fun it would be to watch HD videos on iPhone 5, which has 44 percent greater color saturation than before, meaning better and better clarity.

Then there is the updated intelligent assistant- Siri, who’s just like a personal assistant. Siri is revamped in iPhone 5 and is just the answer to sports scores and stats, where to eat, what movies to see or can even be asked to make Facebook posts or post tweets.

Another plus point in iPhone 5 is 4G LTE, which is fastest data network in the world. Considering this, I was okay with iPhone 4S 3G as 4G wasn’t there when iPhone 4S came out in India.

But one disappointing feature in 4S is the battery life, which is almost same in the iPhone 5 too, same eight hours of LTE browsing and talk time. But iPhone 5 can browse the Web for ten hours instead of eight.

The new iPhone also comes with ‘EarPods’, which is something I didn’t get with 4S. The former will be a treat for music lovers as it has three microphones- at front, back, and bottom. The iPhone 4S has just one at the bottom.

Also those who buy the new iPhone 5, will get a lightning, small, smart, durable, and reversible connector, which will replace the huge 30-pin connector we got with 4S.

Apple has also replaced the processor from A5 in 4S to A6 chip in iPhone 5, which is twice as faster and even spares the battery life.

The camera in both the phone is same with 8-megpixel, so you don’t have to think on that front.

Considering all pros and cons, I guess the decision is going to be really tough for a jump to iPhone 5, especially for those, whose contract with iPhone 4S is still not over. Both the phones are equally great though 5 gets more points than 4S. Why won’t it? Who doesn’t like faster downloads, latest technical updates and bigger screen!

But in case you have iPhone 4, trust me you need to change. In tech terms, your phone is ancient. Switch to iPhone 5. And those of us with iPhone 4S, can also go for iPhone 5, I guess. We can always sell our 4S and might just get a good offer price too! That’s worth joining the league of proud iPhone 5 owners.