Shocking! Apple’s Photo Recognition Software Is Storing Embarrassing Pictures Of Women

If you are a woman who carries an iPhone, please be careful. There are pictures of you stored in a hidden folder on Apple’s Photo app that might cause you embarrassment.
A twitter user @ellieeewbu recently tweeted a discovery that gave Apple a nightmare. Now, women from around the world are questioning apples’ image recognition software for objectifying their most personal body parts. A particular category called BRASSIERE has stored all possible photo results showing what the phone thinks includes bras.

Apple’s image recognition software is recording all the photos of women who ever took a picture in their bras or clothes that revealed their cleavage. It is reason of both embarrassment as well as shame for the iPhone maker. Apple updated its Photo app in 2016 to recognize some 4,000 scenes, objects and facial expressions. But it is confusing why they at all created a category so weird. We guess, Apple never anticipated the disappointment and doubts it has caused.
But why is Apple doing that??
Asked Model Chrissy Teigen after she noticed this feature on her mobile phone. Here is her response that she twitted. This was followed by more tweets that complained why there is such a category when there is no categories for things such as socks, underwear, pants or say any other body part.

It is understood why women around the world is freaking out. These images get stored in cloud which raises a major privacy concern. And why it is that the app doesn’t have a category like men’s boxers.  Why women clothes are particularly given attention, whereas men’s clothes are nowhere is mention. Even categories like corset and girdle do exist.
This is how apple defined its image recognition update which was introduced along with iOS 10 in June 2016. Photo app was updates with deep learning for object scene detection.

Apple's photo recognition software, brassiere

If the Apple’s explanation to its Photo app has to believe, there is no reason to be concern. However, storing pictures in a category obscure to certain segment of society should be avoided. People should also ensure not to sync data with cloud services to compromise their privacy.
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