Recently placed at 10th slot in Forbes list of most powerful women, Sheryl Sandberg continues to awe us all.

This superrich lady has recently turned into an author.

With a bachelor and masters degree from the Harvard University, Sandberg is an epitome of success, power, intelligence, and entrepreneurship.

Sheryl Sandberg has written a book called Lean In, which focuses on to encourage women to double down on work and career. Lean In will be published by Knopf.  

COO of Facebook for over four years, Sandberg has been successful and is the first and only woman board member who owns nearly $1 billion unvested stock in the social networking site.

She is already one of the most powerful women in tech, and has served as chief of staff for the U.S. Treasury Department under President Bill Clinton, and managed Google’s online global sales and operations as a vice president before joining Facebook.

Her book focuses on women, career, and leadership. So far, Sandberg has spoken a lot on the topic. Earlier in TED Talk in 2010, she talked about important things women need to know succeed in business. First and foremost was, ‘Sit at the table’. She said be present and warned women against accepting subordinate roles. Next in line was ‘Make your partner a real partner’ as in she told women to have a husband who helps out in chores at home equally. The last Sandberg said was ‘Don’t leave until you leave’ and be prepared for maternity when you really consider it rationally not emotionally.
The book, which was completed before Facebook’s IPO, will presumably deal with issues of motherhood and career, with addition to advice Sandberg offers for women at work.

Sandberg said all profits generated through the sale of book would go to women’s charities.

Currently undergoing editing, the book, she said will be published next year.