Now the owners of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 can avail $100 discount on the purchase of a new Xbox One. The one condition underlying the wow deal is its availability only when owners turn in or recycle older consoles. This promotion started in January and will end on 2nd March 2014, Microsoft said in an official statement.

Customers will have to head only as much to the nearest official Microsoft retail store in either the US or Canada to get the special store credit. The promotion is not available to customers online or in any other country.  

All of you gamers who own a Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox 360E are eligible for the special promotion. However, keep in mind that the promo stands void if the consoles are not in working condition, are password-protected or damaged in any way.

The $100-off is a huge deal since Xbox One will be launched with a price tag of $499. This levels things between the Xbox One and Play Station 4 because the latter currently has a price tag of about $399. Despite this, Microsoft has sold over 3.9 million Xbox One consoles.