Selfie Spoon stickAs everyone around us soaks into the selfie fever, it has become the latest mode of marketing. Selfie lovers can now start their day with a selfie over breakfast with the new ‘Selfie Spoon’. Launched by a cereal brand, the selfie stick is 30 inches long.

This fun gadget is available at It has a spoon on one end and a Bluetooth slot for your phone on the other. Users can click selfies while eating breakfast with this selfie stick. The selfie stick has a gray button for use with Android phones and another one for iOS devices. This selfie spoon is available for free but the shipping charges have to be paid for.

We’re truly interested in knowing how this will turn out. How will you wash the spoon? How will you eat with something that has such a long handle?

One of the most interesting selfie trends in India recently was the ‘Selfie With Daughter’ that was launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make having daughters a matter of pride.