Simplisafe Video Doorbell To Secure Your Front Door


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Smart video doorbells have become an indispensable necessity of every smart home. The first point of contact for outsiders, a good video doorbell serves as your eyes and ears. To meet this rising need for a better vigil system, SimpliSafe has introduced an all-new Video Doorbell Pro. We got to try the Simplisafe video doorbell.

This video doorbell system is meant to meet the pacing demands for smart home security systems. To make it easier to function, Simplisafe allows users to integrated their Video Doorbell Pro with their other security and home automation systems. The new Video Doorbell Pro can efficiently capture two-way audio, while showing the image of the person standing at the door.

This new invention is capable of capturing motion on the entryway, front porch, side of the door, side door, and alley. This facility will reduce the need for installing multiple cameras, thus quelling installation and maintenance hassles.

Features of Simplisafe Video Doorbell

The latest addition in the Simplisafe family boasts of a 1080p Full HD camera. Holding a 162-degree super-wide lens, the Video Doorbell Pro has an increased focal length. At the same time, it is capable of capturing up to 80 degrees field of view. It also comes with HDR support, thus ensuring better clarity even at night.

The person detection feature of the Simplisafe Video Doorbell uses a PIR sensor that identifies heat. Additionally, it comes with an image-classification system that is designed to differentiate forms.

For instance, it can differentiate human movement from that of a dog. Also, the night vision technology allows the user to see images in plain view before opening the door Priced at $169, the video doorbell works well with 8V to 24V wiring. What is most interesting is that the new wide-angle camera doorbell can be easily integrated with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Watch.

As soon as the doorbell detects movement, every sensor and camera will start recording the motion whilst capturing including footage from before the movement stopped.

The company is offering three different faceplates – Obsidian, Cloud, and Jade, and also promises to bring greater range of interchangeable plates in the coming few months.

Benefits of Installing Simplisafe Video Doorbell

  1. Improved Depth of Field: Get automatic illumination of your entry area to deter possible threats.
  2. Enhanced Perspective: Get 180 degree view of what happens behing the door with the video doorbell by Simplisafe.
  3. Two-way conversation: It can capture two-way audio whilst showing the image of the person standing at the door.
  4. Controlled lighting: The Simplisafe doorbell allows the users to integrate the video doorbell with your lights for further security benefits.
  5. Versatility: The new doorbell systems also provides convenience when you are at home. You can connect it with your mobile, and will be alerted by a message if there is a movement outside.