Second Wave of Coronavirus: How & Why

Second Wave of Coronavirus

We all have come to accept the COVID-19 virus as a part of our lives. It was only a few months back that the Govt. of several countries decided to ease the imposed lockdown restrictions after they had flattened their infection curve; we are now hit by the second wave of Coronavirus.  

While we have accepted the “New Normal”, the world is still raging with the Coronavirus pandemic. For weeks, European countries have tried to curtail the spread of a second wave of COVID-19 infections through targeted restrictions and eluded nationwide lockdowns that devastated economies. But now the cases are exploding and hospitals are filling up, leaving them few options. The officials of respective countries had just started the “unlocking process, but with cases soaring rocket-high, many countries are now back to imposing lockdown measures to counter the spread of the virus, which is frightening to plague the world yet again. President Emmanuel Macron, President of France said, “The virus is circulating at a speed that not even the most pessimistic forecasts had anticipated.”

Second Wave of Coronavirus 1

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In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the closure of restaurants and bars, as well as gyms, theaters, museums, and nail salons for a month. Even the Chief of Melbourne, Australia’s largest city, has decided to keep it closed after the COVID-19 cases went out of control. A partial lockdown has also been imposed in Madrid as Spain was trying to control a second Covid-19 wave in one of the worst-affected countries in Europe.

Second Wave of COVID in India

India is the worst affected. With already crumpling medical & healthcare system and growing population, India has had a tough time in imposing a strict lockdown. Even though the country was under a complete lockdown, the positive cases were still rising. And now, that we are in the Unlock 5.0 stage, India has become the new Wuhan with 49, 881 cases in the last one day. It has become the second country to pass 8 million cases. 

Second Wave of Coronavirus 2

Despite soaring infection, social distancing was completely abandoned in the eastern State of Bihar amid the campaign to form a government in the world’s biggest election since the COVID pandemic engulfed the world. Life elsewhere in India has been edging back to pre-virus norms. Even as the virus continues to march across the country, all shops, businesses, metros, restaurants and cinemas are now open.

With the festive season right around the corner, officials of different states are now concerned. “There is a possibility of a second wave of Coronavirus in December. I hope that such a situation does not occur but if it does, we are prepared,” said Pune Mayor Murlidhar Mohol.

 “Full-Scale War” With Coronavirus

Serum Institute of India (SII) CEO Adar Poonawalla has said that Covishield, a coronavirus vaccine candidate, could be ready as early as December 2020. According to him, the first batch comprising 100 million doses may be available by early 2021.

Second Wave of Coronavirus 3

He also ensured that the vaccine is safe and dismissed any concerns. He said, “The vaccine is very safe. Thousands of people have had it in India and abroad so we’re cracking on.”

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It is upon us to ensure our safety and well-being. Even if the lockdown is removed, it is in our best interest that we step out only when necessary and maintain social distancing at all times. Masks are the only vaccine we have as of now and it can protect us from getting affected.