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“The Apple Map App Is Really Hard” Google’s Schimdt

Google's CEO Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt, CEO and current executive chairman, Google made a public appearance at the 92nd Street Y in New York, where he spoke of some of the Google’s initiatives, Apple’s maps, Google’s self-driving car, and “Gang of Four”. Read on to know it all.

In an interview conducted by Walt Mossberg, columnist, Wall Street Journal and Kara Swisher, editor, All Things D, Schmidt talked about the removal of Google Maps from the Apple’s iOS 6.  He said that the decision to develop its own mapping software was taken by Apple long time ago. Further, Schmidt said, “Apple should have kept with our maps… What Apple has learned is that maps are really hard. We invested hundreds of millions of dollars in satellite work, airplane work, drive-by work to get the maps accurate and we think we have the best product in the industry.”

Even the removal of its own mapping application didn’t stop Schmidt to praise Apple. On being asked by an audience member as to which other company, apart from Google would he choose to lead as CEO, Schmidt reply was Apple.

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Schmidt ignored questions related to any likely acquisitions of competing tech companies.

But the man did confirm his notion of a “Gang of Four” companies that he feels leads the tech industry. He said, “There are four companies that are network platforms of one form or another that are generating enormous scale of global effects. We’ve not had that before in our industry… The four that we identified were Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.”

On being asked for a reason as to why he left out Microsoft, Schmidt said that its exception was on purpose. Referring to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 devices, Schmidt said, “Let’s see what this new set of products does. They’re a well funded, smart, well-run company. But they’ve not been able to bring out state-of-the art products in the spaces that we’re talking about.”

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The conversation also covered the future of digital content, patent issues, and what all Google was up to. Schmidt, however, didn’t reveal any information on unannounced products.

On being asked to comment on Google’s self-driving car, Schmidt’s said, “I have been driven by the car and it is a life changing experience.”

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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