The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a brilliant smartphone. Amazing specification mated to great features make it a phone to reckon with, un-surprising considering it is the flagship smartphone for Samsung. But a major niggle with such high powered devices has always been the short battery life. The Galaxy S4 does come with a 2600mAh Li Polymer battery, but even that falls short due to powering the 5 inch Super AMOLED display and 1.6 GHz quad core A15 or 1.2 GHz quad core A7 cortex microprocessor. Here are some tips to reduce the time spent keeping your phone plugged in to a charger.

  1. Decrease your display brightness manually and turn off extra features. Pretty simple really, if kept on auto the phone will adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light conditions. Features like Bluetooth, AirView and GPS can really eat up your battery’s charge.
  2. Simplify. Use a simple wall paper, something that is colourful and animated will drain your power. Also, try and have as few home screen widgets as possible since they are a major source of battery drainage.
  3. Finally, use power saving mode! It has been specially designed to help save battery life and it actually works.