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With Sapphire Screen Apple iPhone 5 Bring In The Unbreakable Wonder, What Does Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Up Its Sleeve?

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Apple has always been a frontrunner when it comes to bringing in revolution with icing around. With the sapphire screen input on the iPhone unit demo, this fact is sealed. Looks like glass but almost matches diamonds on hardness count—yes, you hear it right—the iPhone 5 comes with sapphire screen. Very different from the lovely gemstone you cherished on your neck, this avatar is stuck with transparent adhesive onto the iPhone’s Gorilla Glass 2. The result? A screen so hard that it is almost unbreakable —atleast, when banged with concrete!

Here we are thinking that what Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to come up with to beat this new invention of Apple?


With amazing capacity for wavelength transmissions—that you and me will not deduce and no-melt promise up sleeve, the sapphire screen well knows what wooing with ability could mean. And if you have been wondering when you could get hands on a smartphone with this gem of a screen, it could be yours at, higher than $10,000. And not just a screen, the price gets you the Vertu Ti Android phone- a newbie that gives smartphones an edge!

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