Saturday, June 10, 2023

Samsung’s Woes to Continue: Jury Award Cut by $450 Million; Second Trial Ordered

In one of the biggest conflicts among tech majors, the ongoing courtroom drama between Apple and Samsung has taken a new turn. Judge Lucy Koh appears to have a slight change of heart in the lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung alleging patent infringement. The judge has reduced the formerly announced $1.05 billion damages Samsung was to pay Apple by $450 million. She has also stated the need for a fresh trial to calculate the damages Samsung should pay up.

Koh had ruled that 14 products of the Korean manufacturer had infringed of Apple’s patents, and during the trial, the jury had computed damages per device, instead of calculating the damages on the basis of the number of patents each device had infringed upon. Samsung’s Galaxy SII, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus S 4G are some of the more popular devices included in the list of 14 products.

The second trial will start only after Samsung’s appellate proceedings finish and will feature a brand new jury. For now, Apple will have to stay content with $598.9 million, and will have to wait until the second trial’s end to determine any additional damages it will be awarded. The company will also receive prejudgment interest and any supplemental damages from the time the jury announces its verdict and the final order comes into effect.

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