Samsung S6 Active Leaked Photo Goes Viral: Could It Be The Sexiest Buy To Lap Up?

Samsung S6 Active Could Be The Sexiest Buy To Lap Up?Leaks

Samsung is keeping the highlights of its upcoming flagship Galaxy S6 Active under the wraps but latest viral leaks have revealed dark rugged physicality and probable waterproof design. The leaks have been splashed over GSM Arena and the latest android ware from Samsung might just come with a speaker on the back end.

Why Samsung’s S6 Active Could Be The Sexiest Buy To Lap Up?The smartphone has been spotted in black as of now but we have not uncovered any insight into its features of camera specs.  At least, critics can be now silenced against their scepticism that the S6 Active might not even be a full-on flagship but just a bumped up upgraded variant of some earlier Samsung model.

We are a tad bit disappointed with the seemingly plastic body since Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 were beauties in glass and metal. Then again, the supposed waterproof spec on the S6 Active could more than make up for lack of innovative styling. Expect beefier battery life as the S6 Active will feature a 3,500 mAh under its hood.

Again, this is a bump up over the 2,600 mAh battery we saw on the Galaxy S6. Insiders reveal that the upcoming S6 model will feature a microSD card slot too. In case you were planning to load up a new Android smartphone, it is time to wait for this baby.