Just as we thought Samsung has calmed down following the loss of $1 billion in a patent suit case against Apple, the Korean manufacturer surprised all as it took a jab against the former’s iPhone 5 in a new print ad that was shown in Mashable.

Comparing the specifications of Galaxy S III with iPhone 5, this latest ad clearly proclaims Apple’s phone is no genius.

The ad was seen in the national and local newspapers in the US. The tagline of the ad ‘It doesn’t take a genius’ gets everyone hooked onto reading it. Clearly stated in it are the features of Galaxy S III, which are visibly long and better as compared to the Apple’s iPhone 5.

It shows that the Galaxy S3 III is a pack full of things that the iPhone isn’t. To name a few, the iPhone 5 doesn’t have Palm Swipe Capture, Shake to Update, NFC, Tilt to Zoom, and Turn Over to Mute among ten others. The ad also pokes fun at Apple’s new lighting connector calling it ‘a totally different plug’.

And considering all features listed, it’s no doubt that the S3 smartphone gets the lever up as compared to the iPhone.

But the fact that people buy iPhones is more because of their emotional attachment is something that Samsung might be overlooking. Apple as a brand, has captured millions of heart, which is why its iPhone devices have been a hit since they were launched in 2007.

Although what Samsung offers looks clearly better than what Apple’s iPhone has, but to get into the hearts of consumers is something that Samsung still needs to achieve.

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