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Samsung’s New Claim: Apple Phones Deeply Influenced by Former Sony-Style


The patent row between electronic consumer giants Apple and Samsung has brought to fore many revelations. For instance, before entering the Smartphone battle with Apple, Samsung was warned by Google in regards to the similarities of S3 with iphone4S but it conveniently ignored it. Another shocking disclosure which has raised brows is iphone’s resemblance to earlier Sony –Style designs.  The battle of the smartphones is getting bitter and it is hard to say who will emerge as the winner.Mobilemag.com reported the court discoveries and findings which clearly show the evolution that took place before Apple’s iOS devices came into existence.

iPad Prototype Featuring A Kickstand

The first thing which has come up amidst the legal battle is an ipad prototype which belongs to the era when nobody even heard of the word ‘Tablet’. As reported by Mobilemag.com this tablet is actually labeled as an “iPod” product on the back, and features a kickstand that is sort of similar to the Microsoft Surface. However, the kickstand is not appealing and is not something expected from the present-day Apple product.


iPhone 4 Prototype- N90

 Another one which has come to light is N90 which is supposed to be iphone4 prototype. N90 bores quite a few similarities to the iphon4 though the difference lies in screen size and corner shapes.
















Extrudo Shape and Sony-Style Chappy iPhone 4 Models

Samsung has rubbished Apple‘s allegations by claiming that iPhone designs were themselves profoundly influenced by former Sony -Style. Further reported by Mobilemag.com the Sony -Style layout is clearly labeled by Sony and yet looks similar to the black style prototype seen here. The memo included below between Richard Howarth and Jonathan Ive even talk about the two different designs, clearly calling the black prototype a Sony-Style Chappy.