Even as the courtroom drama between Apple and Samsung rages on in the US, the latest statistics rolling in has been quite the big surprise. With every passing day, more and more details are coming into the public eye, the latest revealing just which phone of Samsung has been their bestseller in the US markets. Now Apple may be butting heads with Samsung to protest against how the Galaxy range of devices has been but a sheer copy of their successful iPhones and iPads, and how this has had a significant impact in Apple’s sales.

But Samsung’s surprise winner has been the Galaxy Prevail, a mid-range smartphone being sold as a prepaid phone by Boost Mobile. With over 21 million phones sold by Samsung in the US between June 2010 and June 2012, more than 10% has been cornered by the Galaxy Prevail. Close on the heels of this phone has been Samsung’s Epic 4G smartphone over Sprint.

A closer examination of these statistics reveal nothing quite surprising, considering that the Galaxy Prevail is among the more affordable smartphones out in the market currently, and being prepaid, becomes a more cost effective option for consumers. On the other hand, even though the Epic 4G came in second on the sales charts, it brought in $855 million worth of revenue to the South Korean manufacturer.

Public filings have even burst the bubble on Samsung’s claims of having sold over 2 million Galaxy Tabs during early 2011, as these documents show that from the last quarter of 2010 to the first quarter of 2011, Samsung managed to sell just under 339,000 units of the Galaxy Tab in the US markets. Even including sales in other countries, it seems highly unlikely that Samsung’s claims are correct.

When it comes to Apple, the filings do not provide much clarity on the sales beyond revealing that Apple managed to sell 85 million iPhones, 34 million iPads, and 46 million iPod Touch devices, raking in $50 billion, $19 billion, and $10.3 billion in revenues respectively during the same period in question.

Will the disclosure of these numbers manage to sway the jury either way? This is something we will all have to wait to find out. Until then, we continue to watch out and bring you the latest information about the mega trial between the two tech majors.