Samsung is all set to stifle Apple this year and we are almost sure its Galaxy Note 5 could be a way to do that. The latest revelation on this buzz comes from a Samsung model christened ZenZero for its Edge series on benchmarking portal HTML5test.

Samsung Working On Galaxy Note 5The test run had been conducted on Samsung Browser 3.2, for a “SAMSUNG ZenZero running Android 5.1.1,” according to the benchmarking site, states GSMArena.

Before you get all dolled up about the upcoming Note 5, the website has specifically stated that it does not warrant the tests and information. It adds that these are in no way official or even genuine.

We had earlier heard that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might hit the market by August this year, as stated on Daum, a Korean website. Now again with buzz around Apple releasing its next flagship gaining ground for a September timeline, leaks are pointing to a plausible Note 5 entry by September.

On another end, Samsung is supposedly working on two variants– SM-N920F and SM-G928S at the moment, according to SamMobile. The source also stated how the former model could actually be the Galaxy Note 5. The rumored specs part of the upcoming Galaxy Note 5  could be-

·         Curved display

·         16 GB onboard storage 

·         4 GB RAM

·         16 MP primary camera 

·         8 MP seckbdary camera 

·         S Pen stylus

·         5.9-incher display 

·         3 GB LPDDR3 DRAM

·         32 GB embedded multi-media card

·         Exynos 7422  processor

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